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November 29, 2004



The website calls it "the ultimate reading companion," and that may well be, but I just bought it because of this



It shows someone lying in bed on their side reading.

That's what I do, 365 nights a year.

I lie in bed, on my side, reading.

And I've never found a device that would hold my book for me in my preferred left lateral decubitus position.

Until now.

The legend for the picture above says, "Its patented on-side reading feature gives a uniquely comfortable way to read in bed."

I can't wait to see if it really works for me.



Watch the video and see what you think.

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Why was there never an "I received the Phiferreader and here is what I think of it" posting? Why post about a product before you receive it, then never post anything at all as follow-up after you get it?

Posted by: Mark | Apr 8, 2009 3:58:15 PM

hey - aren't the page holders obscuring the text at the bottom of the pages?

Posted by: Russ | Nov 30, 2004 11:12:14 AM

This isn't a candidate for a design award. It has too much plastic for its function. It weighs three pounds.

Changing a page requires six movements; lift right holder, lift page to be turned, close right holder, lift left holder, place turned page, close left holder.

The video seems to also show that the springs aren't that strong. The force needed to lift them seems quite small.

As for using it to read horizontally, it doesn't seem stable enough in that position to provide satisfactory usage.

Posted by: tward | Nov 30, 2004 2:10:21 AM

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