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February 26, 2005

NASA World Wind — See the world from your computer screen


NASA has just issued free software that lets you zoom around the globe, dive to the surface, and track fires, floods and storms anywhere on our blue planet from the comfort of your chair.


World Wind is an open source application that knits together 10 terabytes of Earth imagery, then displays it on demand.


When NASA first offered it last year, 100,000 download requests a day caused it to collapse, and it went offline.


Now it's back, new and improved, with a bigger server.

Coming soon: hiking trails, U.S. census data, oodles of features.


No need to spend a penny when your tax dollars have already paid for this magnificent website.

You could spend the rest of your waking life here and never run out of interesting things to see.

[via Douglas McGray and Wired magazine]

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