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March 27, 2005

CLACK Punch-Bell Egg Cracker — 'Renders every boiled egg topless!'


An awe-inspiring invention, brought to my attention by a joehead who happened to see it while in Berlin recently.

He wrote, "I came across a strange, stainless-steel object/device in a knick-knack store in Hackescher Market...."

But his description of the device (above), wonderful as it was, will have to follow the following text from the English version of website:

    Clack is the soundful name for a punch-bell egg cracker.

    Designed to inflict an annular eclipse on an ovular body, soft or hard, white or brown. Your egg-shell-crack-pot hits eggs upside down like a punch-bell.

    It works like this: Place metal cap on egg and let ball drop - clack-crack! Clack will hit your egg by surprise. It survives with an inverted collar - now being clearly more inclined to be eaten by allowing your knife an easy lift-off of its top.

The whole point of the device is to whack the top of the shell off a soft boiled egg.

It costs €18 ($23).

Here's what my intrepid correspondent had to say about it:

    It was made far too nicely to be a novelty, so I asked the lady at the store counter about its function.

    In a game of charades with broken-English helpers, she explained that what you do is put an egg in a soft boiled egg cup (after it's been boiled), then you place the bottom of this thing over the top of the egg, lift the silver ball to the top of the stem, and release the ball while holding the whole thing firmly against the top of the egg.

    The solid steel ball falls, a hearty "clack" is heard, and voila, you have a perfect round incision (actually a crack) in your egg. If you tilt the whole gadget just right while lifting it away, it will take the severed top-of-egg-shell with it, leaving a perfectly presented soft boiled egg for eating.

    This whole gadget is aimed at getting around having to whack the top of the shell off a soft boiled egg. Heh ;-) Humanity is certainly working the margins of tool design these days.

    Anyway, the "Clack" is made very nicely, costs $18 Euros and, just from a curiosity standpoint, is worth it. Besides, each porcelain egg (at the top of the shaft) is uniquely hand painted... collect 'em while they last....

I want one.

A lot.

This could start me back eating soft boiled eggs again.

A bookofjoe Design Award to this sensational creation.

[via SB]

Addendum of Tuesday, March 29, 2005

SB has just provided an online source for this wonderful invention: $27 here.

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