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March 23, 2005

Pagan Power Hour


Yesterday's post on the rise of Godcasting contained a reference to the Pagan Power Hour.

In fairness to my many Wiccan readers, it seemed only appropriate to investigate further.

The show is a podcast which began this past January, providing spells, cooking and crafts with the aim of educating people about Wicca, said Malcolm Waterstone, host of the show produced in Quincy, Illinois, the previously little-known heartbed of American witchcraft.

And you thought it was somewhere in Massachusetts still — aren't you glad you have bookofjoe to set you straight? But I digress.

A recurring topic of the Pagan Power Hour has been the dearth of public worship spaces in small communities.

The show also provides authoritative information on Wiccan practices and rituals and, equally important, what's not part of Wicca.

For example, correct practice excludes animal sacrifice and Satan worship.

Turn on, tune in, you know the rest....

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