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March 8, 2005

Virtual hunting — for real


Live-Shot.com allows you to sit at home in the comfort of your easy chair and shoot live bullets at real animals.

No, I am not making this up: an a story about the company appears in the current issue (March 5) of The Economist.

Anyone with an internet connection, anywhere in the world, can log on and shoot real guns in real time on a Texas ranch, killing Barbary sheep,


Blackbuck antelope


or wild hogs


which happen to wander in front of your virtual gunsite.

You pay $300 for a virtual hunt after purchasing your Texas hunting license (obtainable over the internet, of course).

That entitles you to two hours of time and two shots from a 30.06 rifle mounted on a pan-tilt motor.

Most of the site's money, though, is currently being made from people who prefer target shooting (below):


nearly $400 people — some as far away as Germany and Australia – are paying $14.95 a month and $5.95 a session to fire ten rounds at balloons or toy sheep.

They'll even mail you the paper target from your session for $2.95 plus shipping.

Wait till Ingrid Newkirk and her homies at PETA find out about this.


It won't be pretty, I'll tell you that.

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