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May 8, 2005

Self–Powered Luggage


With all due respect to Thomas Friedman, the inventors of this new line of powered luggage — yes, you read right, these products truly might be called sons (and daughters) of Segway — believe it's time to take a load off.


From the website:

    The Live Luggage™ product is unique in four ways...

    Live Luggage™ cases use the latest developments in PAN wheel motor technology — all the electronics, software and motors are built into the wheels themselves — using lithium–ion rechargeable power cells for the first time. True Power Assistance for the frustrated traveller. No more struggling with heavy cases, small wheels not up to the job, and no more neck, back or shoulder aches!

    Live Luggage™ cases are fitted with a unique patented Anti–Gravity™ pull–out handle that shifts over 85% of the total weight bulk on to the main wheels, making your luggage vastly more transportable and manoeuverable.

    Steps and kerbs are a major problem for all of us. Live Luggage™ cases incorporate "in–line skids" that make mounting steps simple. The in–line skids act as a brake going down stairs/steps. The powered version includes low–power illumination (LED backlights) as a safety feature, ideal when crossing roads.

    Conventional luggage with standard castors or "spinners" will simply not go over rough terrain or pebbles. The Live Luggage™ wheel design overcomes this problem with ease.

Don't believe it?

Watch the video and see for yourself.

I guarantee you that when the girls and boys at Dean Kamen's skunkworks up in New Hampshire read this post — and I have it on excellent authority from a member of their inner sanctum who will go unnamed for obvious reasons (gee, should I be worried maybe Dean will throw a Stevie Jobs hissy fit and sue me? Yikee...) that bookofjoe is a daily read there — an order for Live Luggage™ will be placed instanter for a little reverse engineering. But I digress.

The revolutionary luggage will be available this November, just in time for your holiday trip to see mum.

Until then you'll just have to deal.

Oh, yeah, one last thing: did I mention there's "a built–brolly incorporated in the handle"?


Oh, but one of these suitcases will sort you out....

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