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July 31, 2005

Internet Speed Test


Best internet upload/download speed test site I've yet come across.

Very simple and elegant design and interface that's fun to use.

Excellent diversion anytime you're at a computer anywhere.

See if you're getting what you're paying for.

I'm sure not: I signed up for Adelphia's ultra–fast broadband service a month ago, advertising speeds of 5–6MB/second down.

Both early this morning (1 a.m.) and now (2 p.m.) I was around 3MB (top).

Oh, well.

I tested all eight of the test site's servers just to see if there was a difference in terms of their geographical location.

Result: no question, the West Coast servers are much slower (about 33%) for me here in Charlottesville.

Why should I be jealous of the fact that most Koreans have 100MB/second — and pay around $15/month for it?

I mean, my bill's only four times that.

Speakeasy is also useful when you're staying somewhere, like a hotel, advertising such and such high–speed internet: test it, then print out the results and bring them down to the front desk and demand a rate reduction for false advertising.

Might be amusing with the right manager.

[via whereisben.com]

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