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November 28, 2005

Furniture Falsies


Liana Toscanini is the owner of LT Home, a shop in Great Barrington, Massachusetts specializing in ready–made slipcovers.

Her customers "were always complaining to her that their skinny–armed sofas looked pitiful under the one–size–fits–most covers," wrote Jura Koncius in a November 10 Washington Post Home section story.

He noted that some desperate housewives even pad their old–fashioned slim–line versions with towels and duct tape.

Not a pleasant thought, that.

Toscanini, thus inspired, came up with Furniture Falsies (below) —


arm pillows made of muslin and polyester, designed to plump up old sofas and club chairs so that nobody else knows.

Said Toscanini in the Post article, "The majority of my customers are covering something that has been ruined, very often by pets."

At least, that's what they tell her.

Koncius noted that Ms. Toscanini is indeed related to legendary conductor Arturo Toscanini, who died in 1957: he was her grandfather.


Furniture Falsies cost $19.95 a pair here.

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