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November 18, 2005

World's First Personal Radar Ski Speedometer


New from Silva is this remarkable piece of technology.

It works like police speed radars and is said to be the very first personal device allowing you to measure both your ground speed and distance covered.

Accurate for downhill and cross country skiing.

You can wear the receiver as a watch (above) or on the included lanyard, or clip it onto a custom carabiner (also included).

From the website:


    • Speed

    • Distance

    • Heart rate (with optional monitor)

    • Wireless coded RF transmission between sensor and receiver (watch)

    • 3 speed modes (Downhill, Cross Country, Nordic)

    • Calorie counter (Cross Country only)

    • Time: second, minute, 12/24 hour, day, date, month, year settings

    • Versatile removable strap system allows use as a watch, carabiner or on a lanyard

    • Average ground speed (mph/kmh), maximum speed, pace (min per mile), distance (miles), total distance, trip (elapsed) time

    • Backlight with 3 second delay

    • Alternate time zone setting

    • 2 alarms

    • Lap counter

    • 3 independent timers with alarm

    • Stopwatch: intermediate or lap time measurements;

    • 50 record storage capacity

    •Water resistant: up to 30ft/10m

Available starting this Sunday, November 20 from the company by calling 800-572-8822.


Below, the radar pod that transmits your incredible velocity.


The system goes on sale in retail stores in January.

Though I'm not a skier it occurs to me that when you're heading downhill at breakneck speed probably the last thing you're gonna want to do is glance down at your wrist — could be your final gesture.

I look for an enterprising soul to take this technology to the next level and create a heads–up display that projects your speed onto your helmet visor.

Way cool.

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I am looking for a device similar to a Sonar that I can use to supplement my home security cameras.
I am currently having a serious problem with stone throwing louts that use slingshots from a considerable distance targetting my roof and house at night and during the day.
I am trying to obtain a device that I could place on the roof of my house to trace the trajectory of any object that is thrown at the house and eventually tracing this to the culprit.
Can you help ? Many thanks - PJB

Posted by: Paul J Bonett | Jan 5, 2006 3:51:01 PM

Yup...gotta second Russ's comment. I use a handheld GPS when skiing (not in the hand but just in the pocket). Instead of watching the current speed while skiing, i can just look at maps of where I went and see different speeds at different sections after...

Very cool after racing a buddy and showing them that you were going 50mph+

And the only time you want to see the real time speed is when you're on the freezing cold lift so you have some evidence to argue with the resort operators that their lifts are slower than their competitors.

Posted by: Chris | Nov 19, 2005 3:05:03 AM

but personal GPS devices (like the Forerunner from Garmin) allow you to measure both your ground speed and distance covered. For half the price. And without the additional pod. And they've been around for a few years.
How about, "first device that allows you to measure both your ground speed and distance covered if you're skiing through a forest and can't pick up a GPS signal..."?

Posted by: Russ | Nov 18, 2005 11:05:04 PM

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