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January 18, 2006

Dining Room in a Box


If a picture is worth a
thousand words then
here are three
thousand worth.

Made in Norway and
designed by Alet and
Dag Igland, the
principals of
Igland Design and
creators of, among
other things, the
Alet skateboard chair
that caused a big
kerfuffle when I
featured it here on
January 1.

They call their
latest creation the
Mealbox but I
like my name better.


    From the website:

    with chairs
    that can all
    be packed
    in a box.

    Birch plywood
    reinforced with
    carbon fiber.

    Neoprene rubber
    seat padding.

    Table doubles
    as a coffee table.

    Assembled: 40cm x
    68cm x 77–233cm

    Boxed: 43cm x
    68cm x 77cm

You know you want it.

You'll have to contact
the designers —
and ask, "how much?"


Tell them bookofjoe
sent you and see
what happens.

[via Erik Hatcher]

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The Eames couple would be pleased.

Posted by: Mb | Jan 18, 2006 3:07:24 PM

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