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January 19, 2006

Sprayer Sponge Squeegee


What a nifty mashup.

The inventor put the 8 oz. spray bottle inside the device's handle and voila, a nifty all–in–one anti–road–bug–kill windshield cleaner.

18"H x 8"W.

$9.95 here (windshield cleaner not included).

But wait a minute — what about all my readers in Winnipeg and Wauwatosa — what's the point of bug cleaner when your windshield's buried under snow?

Good point.

For you, the research team's come up with the Snow De–Icer Brush (below).


Into the spray bottle compartment goes de–icer: brush off the snow and give your windshield a spritz or ten.

"Seconds later you can squeegee the slush away."

Same capacity and dimensions as the summer iteration.

Same price, too: $9.95 here (de–icer not included).

For everything else you could use your MasterCard but me, I'd pull out the old Ice Dozer.

Full disclosure: I've used mine twice this winter and it does what it says.

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