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February 24, 2006

AquaSkipper: Self–Propelled Water Hopper


From the website:

    Hydrofoil Water Scooter

    Unlike other watercraft, this unique hydrofoil frame allows you to skim across water simply by hopping gently up and down, propelling you as fast as 17 mph (more than four times faster than some world champion freestyle swimming speeds).

    At only 26 lbs., the lightweight aircraft aluminum and fiberglass frame is easy to transport to a dock or boat for launch.

    Wide steps and handlebars allow confident control as your own hopping motion lifts the hydrofoils to skim quickly across a lake; the AquaSkipper also provides a brisk cardiovascular workout.

    Virtually maintenance-free, it has no moving parts or noisy engines that require fuel.

    For ages 12 and up with adult supervision and a Coast-Guard-approved life vest.

    4' H x 8' W x 6' L.



Tell you what, there'll be a whole lot of talk around the waterbug campfire that first evening after you've taken this puppy out about the new kid on the walk–on–water block.


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