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February 16, 2006

Sharpie Retractable


One giant click for mankind.

When I saw these in a commercial during the Super Bowl I thought finally, an ad that actually influenced me to buy something.

Mine arrived yesterday from Staples and they are everything I'd hoped they would be.

The same great Sharpie ink and point, but no more cap to hold on to or put down and lose or forget about, only to come back to your Sharpie and find it's Sayonara, baby — ink's defunct!

Apologies to e e cummings.

The clicker part is something to behold: it's almost obscene, it's so large (nearly an inch long).

When I investigated the device more closely down in my Skunk Works


I realized why it had taken this long to finally produce what everyone wanted.

Obviously the problem with a Sharpie would be preventing the tip from drying out if you simply retracted it into the barrel of the pen.

What the great engineers at Sanford have done is create a minuscule hinged door that operates entirely within the instrument's barrel, opening and closing like a submarine's hatch.

The package declares, "The Safety Seal™ Valve design prevents dry out!"

When you get yours take a moment and have a look inside — it's a work of consumer engineering art.

Black, red, blue or green.


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I tried to trackback but I apparently don't possess the skill-set necessary to make it work. Just wanted to let you know that I mentioned your discovery on my own post about this product.

I produce logo branded products and these Sharpies are one of the lines we carry. They're wildly popular. Hope you don't mind the plug here. Want a sample with "bookofjoe" on it?

And robby69, I haven't seen that happen to any of the many boxes I've received. I bet you can get them replaced.

Posted by: Don | Mar 20, 2006 1:53:50 PM

too bad they still dry up, even faster than a regular sharpie. It did it on everyone in the pack I bought. Nice idea, poor implementation.

Posted by: robby69 | Feb 17, 2006 5:49:45 PM

You can also get them in a whole range of other colors and in highlighters here:


Sets of 12 for $2 each - and the magic 2 words - "free shipping"

Too bad they don't ship internationally (we always miss out)

Posted by: IB | Feb 16, 2006 9:52:21 PM

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