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March 15, 2006

Tinfinger.com — 'The human search engine'


"Note: the site is currently pre–beta."

Out of Australia, "... it produces ordered profiles of people and related articles rather than pages of search results," according to Chris Nuttall's article in the March 8 Financial Times.

"Please be patient while we finish the code! The beta starts soon."

At least they didn't say "real soon."

I was a bit limited in my choice of search fields since I don't know anything about Cricket, AFL or Australian Federal Politics.

I clicked on NFL and up came a list of pro football–related stories mostly from the day's New York Times.

That was on March 8; when I checked just now there's nothing there.

Like the man said: "pre–beta."

That's why sometimes it's not the best thing for a website to get early press or internet notice, before it's really ready to rock 'n roll: it's easy to dismiss the scant content as indicative of what the future might portend.

I do like their name, though, even if I have no idea why they chose it.

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Hey joe, could you send the text of that article to my email address? I would be forever indebted (until Tinfinger launches and I can pay you, of course :D ).

Posted by: Paul Montgomery | Mar 15, 2006 5:57:33 PM

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