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July 18, 2006

joeTV — It's crept in on little cat's feet


We hear you.

Matt Penning remarked on it in his comment of July 14 on my cat Humphrey's star turn here.

And what with my first video effort back on June 26 and yesterday's jumbo jet blowaway on the beach in St. Maarten, it would appear that video has achieved a toehold, however tenuous, here.

You will be seeing more rather than less action as I slowly transform the static, typed blog into a real-time multimedia extravaganza over the coming weeks, months and years.

By 2010 you'll hardly recognize the place.



Or should I say, "meow?"

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I know it's probably completely unforgivable for old farts to be waxing rhapsodic about adorable kitties. But I've looked & looked at this, and what is it about black & whites? -- they seem to frequently have ears that veer to the sides. My tuxedo Maynard's ears were on the sides of his head like Yoda. He was famous for it. People came from miles around. Humphrey seems to have a little of it - only adds to his considerable charm. And that shocking pink collar, that glossy coat, that insouciant slouch. Aaaah. Or, that should be, aaaaw.

Posted by: Flutist | Jul 18, 2006 7:17:24 PM


Posted by: Flutist | Jul 18, 2006 6:56:48 PM

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