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December 17, 2006

McMahonJazzMedicine.com — 'What do jazz, art and medicine have in common?'


Beats me.

The envelope, please.

"To be good at either, you have to be an improviser."

Interesting... tell us more.

"But if you’re a jazz fan, you know there are very few great improvisers. If you long for the great tenor saxophone players of the Jazz Age, like Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young, Ben Webster or Stan Getz, then we have the 'doctor' for you."

Ray McMahon, who in his day job runs the McMahon Publishing Group, created the site.

Flautist, this one's for you.

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Digital Fish Tank


No, not a Second Life creation but rather a real, totally tricked-out goldfish bowl out of not Japan but — surprise! — England, with all manner of special effects.

From a website:

    Vivo Aquarium

    Interpet has launched a new aquarium aimed at children.

    The Vivo aquarium is made from shatterproof acrylic and comes with a low voltage power supply, which powers a small filter and discrete LED lighting concealed within the domed canopy.

    The Vivo has a digital display panel on the front of the aquarium to warn the owners when the tank needs to be cleaned or maintained.

    The aquariums also come with a unique choice of decor.

    Each includes an eight-piece obstacle course for fish to swim through, and owners can upgrade their system by installing a theme-pack to make their Vivo look completely different.

    Available theme packs include Mermaid, Haunted House and Space Station.

    The aquarium is backed by a full range of accessories including an airpump, automatic feeder, test kit and water treatments.

    At 25 litres, the Vivo is rather small for the long-term care of goldfish.

    However, the system is nonetheless a better choice than many other goldfish systems on the market aimed at children because it includes filtration and provides better guidance in the care of the fish.

    Includes a digi-care guide.


Domo arigato.

bookofjoe recommends wearing your Cyberman Voice Changer Helmet during interspecies interactions such as tank cleaning, maintenance, etc.


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Google Patent Search — 'Search over 7 million patents'


You could look it up.

[via designverb]

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Limited-Edition Pucci Pen


Precisely 3,872 pieces were created.

Made by Omas with Pucci design.

"Though a seemingly unusual number, this figure is actually significant. It represents the total sum of both houses' founding dates: Emilio Pucci in 1947 and Omas in 1925."

From another website:

    Omas Pucci Collection

    Charmed and unexpected, the Emilio Pucci ballpen by Omas is designed with creativity and fantasy in mind.

    Its easy flow and functional handling make it the perfect instrument for writing.

    The fashionable design and style inherent to Emilio Pucci is blended with the quality craftsmanship and production of Omas.


Black, White or Green (left to right above).


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ResizR — 'Image resizing is sooooooo easy!'



Speak for yourself but not for me.

But hey — just because I'm limited by certain inborn characteristics, marking me as an AKC-equivalent purebred TechnoDolt™, that's no reason you should be denied the benefits of this handy tool that joehead Steve Woodruff sent me a couple days ago.

He wrote:


    I came across this website tool (resizr.lord-lance.com) recently, and found it to be perfect for easily re-sizing graphics for my blog/e-newsletter.

    Just upload the graphic, or the web link to the graphic, and choose the re-size you need — presto: instant re-sizing!

    Only supports .jpg right now but that's all right - most graphics I'd use are in that format anyway.

    Best regards,


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Cyberman Voice Changer Helmet


From the website:

    Dr Who Cyberman Voice Changer Helmet

    This voice changer is a Cyberhead at 1:1 scale which features speech, sound effects and lights.

    3 AA batteries included.

    For ages 5 years and over.


That's great news, since it includes the majority of my readers.

Perfect for next Halloween, what?


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Martin Nodell — Creator of Green Lantern — is dead


Green Lantern (above), along with the Flash, was one of my favorite comic book characters back in the day.

I'd sit quietly in the drugstore and read Superman, Batman and the rest, then buy a Green Lantern to take home and savor.

Here's Nodell's December 12, 2006 obituary from the New York Times.

    Martin Nodell, 91, Creator of Green Lantern, Dies

    Martin Nodell, who came up with the idea for the Green Lantern, the comic book superhero, after seeing a New York subway train operator waving a lantern with a green light, died on Saturday at his home in Muskego, Wis. He was 91.

    He died of natural causes, his son Spencer Nodell said. He previously lived in West Palm Beach, Fla.

    Mr. Nodell was looking for a new idea for a comic book in 1940; waiting for a train, he saw an operator waving a lantern displaying a green light, said Maggie Thompson, senior editor of Comics Buyer’s Guide.

    Mr. Nodell imagined a young engineer, Alan Scott, a train-crash survivor who discovers in the debris an ancient lantern forged from a green meteor. Scott constructs a ring from the lamp that gives him superpowers and becomes a crime fighter.

    Mr. Nodell took his drawings and story lines to All-American Publications, which later became part of National Periodical Publications, the company that was to become DC Comics, Ms. Thompson said.

    The first Green Lantern appearance was in July 1940, an eight-page story in a comic book featuring other characters. He then got his own series, and Mr. Nodell drew it until 1947, under the name Mart Dellon.

    After its cancellation, the series was reborn in 1959 with a revised story line, and has since been revived several times.

    Mr. Nodell left the comics field for an advertising career. In the 1960s, he was on a design team that helped develop the Pillsbury Doughboy.

    In later years, he traveled the comic-book convention circuit with his wife, who died in 2004.

    Mr. Nodell was born in Philadelphia and studied at art schools in Chicago and New York.



Above, Nodell at age 72 in 1987 with a drawing of Green Lantern.

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Dom Pérignon Limited-Edition by Marc Newson


1,000 two-foot-tall neon-green bottle-shaped ice buckets were created for the holiday season by the designer (below, with his creation).


The back story is here.



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