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July 4, 2007

For Sale: Dracula's Castle


Long story short: The Bran Castle (above) in Transylvania, Romania went on the block this past Monday, July 2, and though no asking price was given, the company representing Archduke Dominic Hapsburg, the property's owner, estimates it will bring at least $135 million.

About 450,000 people visit the castle every year.

Let's see... at, say, $5 a pop, that's $2.25 million a year, which means that it'll only take 60 years to break even.

I wonder if people will still be buying souvenir T-shirts and baseball caps in 2067?

'Cause everyone knows you make your money on concesssions....

Inquire within.

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if i put $10K down will i get creative financing for that?

Posted by: Jane | Jul 4, 2007 11:01:20 AM

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