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January 13, 2008

Amazing Always Together Sock Clip


Long name — and story — short: "The amazing tool [above] is basically a small plastic clip that holds together a pair of socks," wrote Christina Breda Antoniades in the Washington Post in a mostly positive December 23, 2007 review of this product.

The full piece follows.

    No More Sock Orphans

    After I got married and my husband and I commingled our belongings, one of our most dreaded tasks was sorting socks. Even I, not a neatnik, aspire to order in the sock drawer. When it was just the two of us it was bad enough, but a family of five is swimming in socks. Tiny socks, big socks, white socks, black socks. Socks, socks, socks. And always one that is maddeningly missing. It's enough to put you off laundry altogether.

    Fortunately, one night I stumbled across a Web site for the Sock Clip, or the Amazing Always Together Sock Clip, as Richco Product Innovations originally named it. The amazing tool is basically a small plastic clip that holds together a pair of socks. Once clipped, they can be tossed in the wash and stored, still together. A set of 32 comes in four hues, so you can color-code your socks by family member.

    My first reaction was, great! No more sorting. Bring on the clips! Of course, I soon realized that even without the need to sort, there's a little upfront work. Still, as long as you clip the socks as soon as you remove them from your feet, the task is relatively simple, with none of the searching, matching and swearing that accompanies traditional sock sorting. And making it the house rule that each person clips his or her own socks means that in theory the only stinky socks you'll have to touch are your own.

    As usual, I enlisted Spiro's help and, as usual, he responded enthusiastically. For at least 24 hours, which translates to roughly two pairs of socks. After that, he reverted to standard procedure, tossing his smelly, balled-up bundles of sock in the general direction of the laundry basket.

    This meant I was pretty much on my own, and, honestly, although I'm a devoted reporter I found it a bit difficult to remember to use the clips. Also, call me wimpy, but I found some of the clips tough to open, which slowed me a bit. Still, those socks that did get clipped were indeed easier to handle post-wash. The clips neither fell off nor damaged the socks (the clips loosen slightly with use).

    One important note: Sock clips are hard plastic, and as such they do clang around a bit in the dryer. Not a big problem, but if you live in tight quarters and plan on sleeping while your laundry tumbles, this might not be the ideal gadget for you.


32 clips in four different colors cost $14.95.

But perhaps, for one reason or another, this particular iteration doesn't appeal to you, or seems a tad expensive (47 cents apiece).

I can see how that could happen.

For you, there's the Sock Cop (below).


From the website:

    Sock Cop®

    Are your socks M.I.A.?

    Easy-to-use Sock Cop stops laundry infractions on the spot.

    Non-snagging clips gently attach to the heels — ensuring that sock mates stay together throughout the entire wash and dry process.

    All clean?

    Clipped socks can be placed directly in your drawer for storage — no more sorting!

    Works great with mittens and gloves, too.

    Washer- and dryer-safe resin.

    Perfect for family use.


A set of 20 includes 5 each of four colors (yellow, red, green and blue) and costs $7.95 (40 cents each).

I wonder how these might work outside the laundry space — say as emergency earrings....

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