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January 7, 2008

Pet Shower Curtain


Reminds me of those integrated gloves they use in nuclear and biosafety level 4 facilities.

From the website:

    Pet Shower Curtain

    Let her shake! No water will get on you or the floor.

    Do you only bathe your dog when it's warm outside, then resort to paying the groomer when there's a chill in the air?

    This pet shower curtain makes bathing at home in the bathtub easier and safer for you both.

    The full-arm waterproof gloves built into this see-through shower curtain let you stay clean and dry while you shampoo and rinse your dog.

    Even if she gets in a stinky mess, there's a barrier between you and her.

    Keep in place all the time — use as a liner, or only extend on her bath day.


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This product looks like what I need. I found the manufactures site. Here is it http://www.helpemwash.com.

Posted by: Sam | Feb 18, 2008 8:18:48 PM

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