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December 26, 2008

Desktop Earbud Speakers



From the website:

    Desktop Earbud Speakers

    Sometimes bigger IS better — especially when it comes to sound.

    That's why we took a puny pair of earbuds, put them in our highly technical Way Big machine and created 500XL — it's 500 times the size of the original.

    And how great will these look on your desktop alongside your MP3 player or PC?

    These speakers include a built-in amp and they're powered by either batteries, USB (included), or a standard wall plug power supply (not included).

    Speakers measure 7" long x 4" in diameter.

    3 Watt power rating.




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I think these are pretty cool, especially as they lay on a desk top, they angle up towards you or in just about any direction it seems. The only thing is that they look a little less like ear buds and more like shower heads when they're 500 times bigger.

Posted by: Gadget Sleuth | Dec 29, 2008 3:38:47 AM

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