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December 23, 2008

Power Chiller — Official beverage cooler of Ned Vizzini


From websites:

One Minute Drink Chiller

Eliminating the wait associated with trying to rapidly cool packaged beverages, this device chills drinks 90 times faster than a refrigerator and 40 times faster than a freezer — without risk of freezing.

It cools cans of soda to 38°F in just one minute and can chill a bottle of white wine to the low-50°sF in less than four minutes.


Ideal for last-minute dining events as well as sporting events (a 12-volt car adapter is included), the chiller stops automatically when your drink reaches the correct temperature and is capable of holding one 12-oz. can or one wine bottle.

The process begins when you add ice and water to the unit and turn it on; the device gently spins the beverage for even, thorough cooling.

A no-spin option is available for delicate wines.

9"H x 6"W x 14"L.


$63.95 (beverage not included).

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awwwww Flautist ... * spindly hug-type thoughts *

Posted by: IB | Dec 24, 2008 6:56:01 AM

Aw, it's practically Christmas -- I think the beverage should be included.
Anyhow, that's not why I'm here, and probably wouldn't be if there hadn't been a little tad of bourbon in that last egg nog, but, first, this isn't related in any way to the post. And nobody's reading this anyway, probably not even Joe. Everybody's wrapping presents and making cakes and stuff, like they should be.

You know, what with the 25th being tomorrow, I was just thinking, if there are any poor souls out there who are more than unusually depressed for one reason or another, and maybe thinking that it can't get any worse -- don't worry, it can. Things can always get worse, and they can always get better, too. But that's not the point. Forget about that. I have a Authentic Absurdist Depressing Christmas story to tell:

It was a dark and stormy night...
Haha, just kidding. (But it actually was.)
My father had been in an auto accident that caused him serious brain injury, and he'd been in the hospital for weeks after coming out of a month-long coma. My mother was visiting at my house during the Christmas holidays, and after we spent all of Christmas day visiting my father in the hospital (although there was really no one to visit -- he was still just hanging on), she said she was too keyed up to just go home, and although it was 8:00 pm, Christmas night, we sort of half-heartedly decided to "do something." Just the two of us. No other relatives, friends -- nothing. I suggested getting something to eat; she said all she wanted was some...popcorn. Popcorn, right. So, I suggested, possibly, a movie, where they're sure to have popcorn? She didn't care -- someplace, anyplace. I didn't care either. There was an ad in the paper's movie section for a Three-D Film Festival at a theater not too far away from the hospital, so...not a Disney extravaganza, not "Sound of Music" or "Oliver" or "It's a Wonderful Life" -- we went to a ratty little theater in a run-down little strip mall in a really sleazy part of town to catch a 9 pm showing of Vincent Price in "House of Wax." There were three of us sad sacks in the audience, wearing our cardboard Three-D glasses and eating popcorn. Christmas night. We stayed for the whole thing.

On the way to take my mother home, I couldn't stop laughing, which irritated the shit out of her. That we had just sat, virtually by ourselves, through Vincent Price skulking through "House of Wax" with our huge tubs of greasy popcorn & wearing our cardboard glasses, in a seedy, unsavory little dump of a movie theater on a wet, foggy Christmas night (a kind of night right out of "House of Wax," in fact) after spending the whole day surrounded by a very different and very real kind of horror -- she thought my hysteria was overdoing it. But then we stopped at a fast-food joint for some "real food" (pretty hysterical right there) and we both went over the edge.

I've probably never recovered from that, so I always get a little edgy around this time of year.
Time for more nog.

Posted by: Flautist | Dec 24, 2008 1:14:43 AM

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