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April 7, 2009

Muchacha en la Ventana (Woman at the Window) — Salvador Dalí


The woman is his sister, Ana Maria; she's looking out at the Bay of Cadaqués, where Dalí used to spend summers.

The artist and his sister were very close, especially after the death of their mother.

She was his only female model until Gala replaced her in 1929.

His 1925 oil painting (103cm x 75cm — 40" x 30") is owned by the Museo Nacional Reina Sofía in Madrid.

[via 3d-dali.com]

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Muchacha should be translated to girl, actually. The spanish word for woman is mujer.

But the painting is gorgeous no matter how its named...

Posted by: Osservatore | Apr 11, 2009 12:40:05 PM

The original name of the paint is in CATLAN "Noia dreta a la finestra" Respect for an opressed lenguage!!! We ara not spanish. Cadaqués is in Catalonia not in spain. Sorry for my English.

Posted by: Xavier Guinot | Apr 8, 2009 3:10:59 PM

Dalí used to say that there was no more beautiful place in the world than Cadaqués. I used to think that maybe he was exaggerating a little but it is really gorgeous in a wistful way. His painting puts me in mind of that wistfulness.

Posted by: Milena | Apr 8, 2009 1:12:56 PM

WOW, 84 years ago and it looks like it was painted yesterday! The waves look like they come to the window seal! The picture is just beautiful, just beautiful. Thanks again for something I might have never experienced.

Posted by: Joe Peach | Apr 7, 2009 6:41:58 PM

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