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June 4, 2009

Cap-sac — 'Fannypack for your head'


The name and visuals need work but other than that,


a pretty good idea.


Offers an alternative


to those darn earphone wires


draped down your body.


It's a hat, it's a bag, it's... Superman!


From the top: Royal Blue, Turquoise, Yellow, Pink, Flame, Red, Black or White.



[via compradiccion, noquedanblogs and Swiss Miss]

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Interesting in theory, but way too easy to just have yoinked off your head by a passing thief. As crummy as the fannypack can look, at least it won't be blown off in a strong wind, or dropped when you go to mop off your head. And if you can't put valuables in the headypack (or what have you), what's the point?

Posted by: Randee | Jun 4, 2009 2:27:59 PM

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