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August 13, 2009

Magic Bus


It's alongside a city park in Mexico City.

Austin-based artist Magda Sayeg and her urban knitting group, Knitta Please, created it, covering a broken-down bus with serious yarn.

It took Sayeg and six other dedicated knitters "... four days and a 'gazillion' skeins of yarn to complete the project," according to Carla Sinclair's story in issue 19 of Make magazine.

Wrote Sinclair, "The bus ... receives constant foot traffic, and Sayeg received heartfelt reactions from all kinds of strangers during the process. 'I love when an old fellow comes up to the bus and smiles in a kind of way that makes you think he may not smile often,' she recalls. 'He reached out and touched the bus and went on his merry way.'"

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