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March 7, 2010

Cheater Registry


Just launched.

Wrote Hurricane Vanessa, "Here’s what I think: If you are basically sane and believe that someone is cheating… they most probably are.

"From a women’s POV, getting tangled up with any of the following types of man might be asking for trouble:

"Famous men, extremely wealthy men, younger men, men with a history of sleeping around, men who had a wife/girlfriend when they first slept with their present incumbent, men who travel to foreign countries on generous expense accounts, men who frequent bars and clubs without their wives when they are married, men who aren’t getting enough sex at home, round-the-world sailors, people who work on airplanes, men who won’t meet your eyes when you ask if they are 100% faithful, men who have done it once before, men whose fathers were serial philanderers, soccer players (a sub-species all of their own, under the categories of famous, wealthy men and sportsmen)… oh, well.

"Usually people know that something is not quite right, subconsciously, before they actually find out.

"Denial is a very strong glue that holds many marriages together."

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Plz, put the name of about every human, especially the self-righteous on this list. You can only hope someone stays fairly faithful for the time you are still 'in love' and after allow them to be honest so you don't have to feel guilty when you transgress.

Posted by: megan | Mar 7, 2010 10:21:17 PM

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