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September 7, 2010

Feline Evolution CatSeat

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The business port kind of resembles an old-fashioned bomb sight.

But I digress.

From the website:



Feline Evolution CatSeat

Toilet train your cat and eliminate the litter box forever.

The Feline Evolution CatSeat is the next generation litter box that can toilet train your cat. This veterinarian recommended waste disposal system can be used exclusively on the floor in place of the litter box or mounted on the toilet for cats that have graduated to being toilet trained.

The award-winning design allows the gradual reduction of litter away from your cat. This eliminates the tracking of dirty litter and odors throughout your house.

Simply lift and toss the plastic bag for the easiest possible cleanup. If you decide to mount the CatSeat to the toilet, then cleanup is as simple as a flush.

While using the CatSeat on the floor the litter and waste are hidden from view. Your cat is standing on dry sand-textured shelves that simulate the sensation of digging and covering. They never actually come into contact and track the small amount of soiled litter below, helping to keep your home free of odors.

If you decide to completely toilet train your cat, 98% of the training is completed before you even mount the CatSeat in place of the existing seat. It lifts and functions like a normal seat, and with the push of a button, the shelves retract for human use. The open cavity design allows for easy cleaning. It includes a CD-ROM explaining alternative methods and written instructions.

The economical design of the CatSeat requires no batteries or electricity. The mechanism is self-contained and has a one year limited warranty.

Complete unit includes:

  • One fully assembled Cat Seat
  • White and black training tray and boxes
  • Mounting bracket and plastic bolt sets
  • Lid
  • 30 disposable plastic bags
  • Complete written instructions and CD video.

Function and Design:

  • CatSeat Size: The CatSeat design is slightly oversized to allow a cat to easily balance. This provides older and heavier cats with a comfortable stance. It is also a perfect size for nearly all toilet fixtures.
  • Folding Legs: The legs allow the CatSeat to be used securely on the floor. While on the floor, 98% of the training can be completed by simply reducing the level of litter. Once the litter is reduced, you have the option to continue using the CatSeat in place of a litter box, or to mount on the toilet and completely eliminate litter. Either way, the cat does not come into contact with the litter.
  • Sand-Textured Shelves: The retractable shelves serve several purposes. The most important function is to allow a rough texture for a cat to dig and cover once they have finished using the CatSeat. They also conceal the water below, which is a benefit for both cats and humans. Finally, with the shelves extended you are not using the same area on the seat as your cat.
  • Mounting Fixture: If you opt to mount the CatSeat to the toilet, the mounting fixture allows for easy removal of the seat. You may also mount the seat with or without the lid.
  • Pull Cord Design: The pull cord was chosen because it allows litter to be dislodged from the mechanism.
  • White and Black Trays: This system of training is simple and easy to understand. Only one change is required by exchanging the position of the trays.
  • Paw-Shaped Button: Pushing a button transforms the CatSeat into a normal toilet seat. The button has a small amount of resistance so that a heavy cat stepping on it will not trigger the mechanism.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CatSeat?
The CatSeat is recommended by veterinarians and leading pet health care professionals. It separates your cat from touching and tracking dirty litter, and is the healthy alternative to a normal litter box. It is the revolutionary next generation litter box designed to allow the option of mounting to your toilet, and to completely wean your cat from litter. This will forever eliminate the mess and expense of litter from your life.

What is the price of the CatSeat?
Considering that nearly half the money you spend on your cat goes to purchase litter (approximately $3,500 over their lifetime), the CatSeat is a wise investment. It comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee (less shipping and handling). If you are not pleased with it, simply send it back!

What makes the CatSeat superior to a normal litter box?
The CatSeat is the first and only litter box that actually weans your cat off litter. This is accomplished by gradually reducing the level of litter available to your cat. The retractable shelves are textured to replace the feel of litter. The waste collects into a self-closing disposable bag that you simply throw away, while remaining hidden out of sight beneath the litter-textured shelves. This eliminates the tracking of litter and germs throughout your home.

How can the CatSeat toilet train my cat?
Once your cat is successfully using the CatSeat as a replacement to the litter box, it is designed to mount to your toilet. It is slightly oversized to allow your cat to easily balance on the seat, and the textured shelves replace the feel of litter, which satisfies their need to "cover up". From here it's as simple as the self-closing bag releasing from the bottom, and gradually introducing the water below. The key to successful toilet training (either with kids or cats) is to make the process extremely subtle and easy for them to follow. This is the cornerstone of the design of the CatSeat. Training usually takes from two to three weeks.

Does the CatSeat function like a regular toilet seat?
If you decide to mount the CatSeat to your toilet, it functions exactly like a regular toilet seat. It lifts up and operates just as you would expect. With the simple push of a button, the shelves disappear into the center. This way you are not using the same area as your cat. It is almost as if they have a separate seat all to themselves.

What is the purpose of the shelves?
The shelves are textured to replicate the feel of litter to your cat. It is an instinctive reflex for your cat to want to "cover up". The rough texture of the shelves satisfies that need. They also provide a comfortable footing while concealing the litter, water (if mounted), and waste below.

Can more than one cat use the CatSeat?
Yes they can. It is important that each cat becomes comfortable with the level of litter provided before moving on and further reducing the available amount. The largest number of cats successfully trained to the CatSeat is seven (this was accomplished using two CatSeats). Obviously, the larger the number, the more difficult it becomes.

What is the minimum age to start my cat on the CatSeat?
While most any age kitten can use the CatSeat while on the floor, the manufacturer recommends that they be at least seven months old before mounting it to the toilet. It can train most any age cat (the oldest that was confirmed to us was fifteen years old), and is slightly oversized to accommodate much larger and older cats.

Is the CatSeat suited for use by pregnant women?
Once your cat is successfully using the CatSeat, you will never handle dirty litter ever again. As always, the manufacturer recommends consulting with your veterinarian and physician on how best to live with a cat during pregnancy. The CatSeat might be the ideal solution.

Does the CatSeat come with a guarantee?
The CatSeat comes with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee.



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it would never seem hygenic to me.

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