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October 22, 2010

Scratch that Itch — Wall-mounted square cat habitat

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Everyone knows cats love to stretch out any chance they get and that scratching stuff really gets kitty endorphins flowing.

So why not combine the two fun activities?

Besides which, you can tell your friends it's art.

From the website:


Does your cat have an itch to scratch?

Our cats love scratching... and we love the unobtrusive nature of this design.

Easily mounts on the wall for secure vertical cat scratching.

Catnip can be placed behind or rubbed onto the inserts to further entice scratching.


• 100% rapidly renewable bamboo plywood

• Removable/replaceable carpet insert

• 9"W x 9"L x 0.75"D



Mohair Green, Mohair Brown, Mohair Orange, Soft White, Coir Brown.


Anyone who can say "stretch scratch" superfast three times in a row without messing up is a marvel in my book.

[via 7Gadgets]


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