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July 31, 2011

How to download YouTube videos to your iPhone or iPad — without a jailbreak


Just as it's best to save things as PDFs and/or print them out to prove that once they really existed after they've vanished down the Internet memory hole, so with YouTube videos — if such a thing were possible.


How many times have you read a news story about this, that or the other thing only to learn that the person had uploaded a YouTube video, "which has since been taken down" or some such disappearing act.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to see that video that's causing such a fuss?

Of course it would.

Hence the power of this tip from TiPb.


Bonus: Also said to work for Vimeo.

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For [Windows] PCs go to
Free YouTube Download

note 1: I am using version 3.0.7 as pasting URL does not seem to work with version 3.0.11

note 2: during install, probably best to do "custom" install and bypass the "ASK" package

note 3: the main page offers to download all their free software, I have not done it. I might pick up 1 or 2 more...

Posted by: John A | Aug 2, 2011 5:44:16 AM

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