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September 20, 2011

Night Vision Golf


From the website:



Anywhere, everywhere, as long as it is dark.

Augusta, St. Andrews, Celtic Manor... play any golf course you want for free without any of the stuffy "collars and slacks" crap.

Wherever you want, just walk on, stay awake and play.

Using the latest night vision goggles and special coated balls, you can see everything you need to see.



• Magnification of ATN Viper goggle: 1x standard (4x or 8x optional)

• Recognition range: 100m; detection range: 150

• Battery life: 8-10 hours (continuous)

• Weight: 1 lb.



2 ball set-up includes 2 sets of night vision golf goggles and 20 specially-coated balls: $1,500.

4 ball set-up includes 4 sets of night vision golf goggles and 40 specially-coated balls: $2,500.


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