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September 30, 2012

Diamond Stack — Skydivers on the edge (video)


Wrote reader Alan Fick in response to yesterday's 100-foot-long giant Blue Whale kite post: "Gather a bunch of your friends and try this sometime. It's called a diamond stack. It is a bunch of skydivers who open their parachutes right out of the airplane at around 13,000 feet. Then they fly next to each other and wrap their feet in the parachute's lines below them. It's a subset of skydiving called CReW — Canopy Relative Work. This is a record attempt to built the largest diamond formation. And yes — it's VERY dangerous. If anyone gets in trouble, they can cause others to get parachutes wrapped around them!"

Not only would I not dream of taking part in something like this: I can't even watch the video.

Your response may differ.

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