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November 30, 2012

Spink: Push • Suck • Stay — "Never spill another drink"


Tell us more.

From the website:


Why do you always seem to spill drinks at the worst possible time?

You've got important papers on your desk and then someone or something knocks over your drink and creates a giant mess when you least have time to deal with it.

But who doesn't love having a coffee on their desk while they work?

Or want to have a water bottle handy?

Whether it's your favorite takeaway coffee or a glass of juice, Spink simply sticks to your table and holds your drink so it can't be knocked over.

Made with a shock-resistant shell and a lever-powered suction cup to lock your drink in place, Spink was also designed to be as unique as you.

Slip your favorite photo inside it, draw on it with markers, make it yours.

Don't give up what you love — have it next to you and Spink will make sure you never spill another drop.

Details and Features

• Fits all sizes of drinks from a can of Coke to your favorite takeaway coffee cup or mug

• Handle and finger grooves let you easily grab your mug or cup

• 5.3"H

• 4.7"Ø


White $19.99, Red $25, both here.

Black: $24.95.

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