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December 15, 2012

The Vintage Knob — Online Vintage Audio Museum*

1970 Garrard Zero 100

*Along with a forum and image bank.

1994 Krell Reference 64

What's not to love about this site, which covers the waterfront from Accuphase to Yamaha and points in between?

1973 Marlux Model 607

Fair warning: There goes the day for gearheads.

Images from the top down: 1970 Garrard Zero 100; 1994 Krell Reference 64; 1973 Marlux Model 607.

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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

Hint: smaller than most — but not all — bread boxes.

Another: Not made in the U.S.A.

A third, in the generous spirit of the holiday season: clifyt would love one.

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Caption Contest: WE HAVE A WINNER!


Owa tana siam


You may recall that on December 4, 2012 a post appeared announcing this year's First Annual bookofjoe Caption Contest, for the photo above from this year's Three Bridges Half Marathon.

Now, you may ask yourself, "How does he know it's the first "annual" if there hasn't been a second? Isn't that kind of nonsensical?"

And my answer would be "Yes! It is COMPLETELY nonsensical."

But I use this language to draw your attention to it so that in the future, you can enjoy the ridiculousness of seeing those two words — "first annual" — juxtaposed as much as I have since I first twigged.

Almost as stupid but not nearly as ubiquitous as "free gift," which is everywhere you look including, I'm gobsmacked to see, all over The Economist's offers of this and that.

I've emailed them and corresponded with the great and the good and the high and the mighty at the great newspaper's headquarters for over a decade now but have yet to make a dent in the great newspaper's linguistic fortress of misuse.

Yoo hoo: A gift is free — by definition.

Oh, well.

The winner of the caption contest is Greg, who submitted "Owa tana siam."

He added, "Repeat. If you do not understand, say it out loud in front of friends."

I said it out loud three times in front of Gray Cat and only as I began a fourth rendition did the penny drop.

Too great.

Yo Greg — email me a mailing address and something wonderful will be on its way to you instanter.

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Towers of Flower Power: Where blooms get big — REAL big


From Colossal:




Aside from being consistently ranked as one of the best countries to live in on Earth, file this as reason #4,123 to stop by the Netherlands: Bloemencorso, the annual parade of flowers in Zundert.


That's right, every float here is made from natural flowers, specifically dahlias.


From twisting architectural structures the size of houses to bizarre animatronic birds and puppets, and even animals made from swooping gestures reminiscent of graffiti, Bloemencorso seems to have a little bit of everything.


Despite the relatively small nature of Zundert (a small town north east of Belgium with a population of about 20,000) the variety of and ingenuity of these sculptures seems to know no bounds.


You can see videos on the event website and in this gallery.


Want to see it in person? You'll need to wait until next year, September 1 and 2 of 2013.


Above, a video of this year's event.

[via  Virginia Moore]

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Burping Hamburger Keychain


Sure, you can burp while carrying a keychain — but can your keychain burp while being carried by you?


Didn't think so.

Put paid to that deficiency for $6.08.

Cheap at twice the price.

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Personal Hotspot Episode 2: Mr. Stoopid learns a new trick


You may recall this past Monday's post in which I described my long-after-the-cluetrain-left-the-station discovery of the fact that my iPhone can serve to get my computer online at quite workable speeds using the built-in Personal Hotspot feature.

That same day Lifehacker published a piece describing how to use use your phone in three different ways to get online: via Wifi, Bluetooth, or directly plugging the phone into a USB port.

The article pointed out that WiFi used the most battery power, followed by Bluetooth and then direct hookup via USB.

The piece also noted that the USB option offered the fastest Internet speeds.

Bay McLaughlin tried out all three and tweeted:


I got all fired up and jacked in thinking I was now totally fast-lane techwise, only to get handed my head on a platter when I couldn't connect using a USB cable.

I tried again today and it went swimmingly, speeds of 3.7 down and 0.8 up, plenty fast enough to do bookofjoe stuff.


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