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December 10, 2012

Angel T-Shirt


"Be a saint, or at least an angel, with this tee. White cotton with wings on the back. One size."

I can't explain why the instant I saw this I thought of @chelssmiesterr.

I was surprised when I read that the wings go on the back because from the accompanying picture (top) it sure looks like they're in front.

Shows what I know.

$85 CAD (Clothing).

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Weird. All my shirts look like this?

Posted by: chelssmiesterr | Dec 10, 2012 9:24:50 PM

Philosophy will clip an angel's wings. ~John Keats

Posted by: JoePeach | Dec 10, 2012 7:02:32 PM

I am certain I am not alone out here in joehead nation, wondering just how the erstwhile angel-child will respond. If indeed she deigns to.

Posted by: bookofjoe | Dec 10, 2012 4:49:20 PM

@chelssmiesterr an angel. I would say that's pushing it a bit.

... her Father

Posted by: mango mike | Dec 10, 2012 4:41:48 PM

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