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December 10, 2012

Mr. Stoopid (that would be moi) wakes up and smells the personal hotspot coffee


Last night, preparing for an imminent boj World Tour 2012 stop in Gulfport-Biloxi, Mississippi — hey, wha chew tink, mon, it's all Paris and Tokyo here? no way José! But I digress... — I got to being morose about how it's impossible to post to bookofjoe using my iPad because of TypePad's "not even wrong" tablet interface.

I decided to try to solve the problem with what was in my head, a variant of the longtime "Solve the problem with what's in the room" elegance of Edwin H. Land's clarion call.

I hate to drag my 2004 PowerBook around though it works wonderfully anywhere I happen to be with my trusty Virgin Broadband2Go flash stick, as long as I'm willing to fork over $50 for a month of service.

The PowerBook is just so relatively big and clunky compared to my 2011 Air, plus the display is so primitive, especially since my default screen is the MacBook Pro 15" Retina Display, which almost makes me weep every morning when I first set eyes on it, so magnificent is its visage.


I've heard about using my iPhone as a personal hotspot since forever but figured it was way above my TechnoDolt®™© pay grade.

The bad psychological karma engendered by my too close encounter of the worst kind with Google's Chromebook last night — when I finally unboxed it three weeks after it arrived only to be greeted by a world of pain and frustration before I finally screamed "FAIL!" and put it on the shelf next to its fellow duds Paperwhite and Kindle Fire HD — was still in my head this morning, which may have given me the activation energy necessary to overcome my fear and loathing of yet another personal tech failure. 

I put the iPhone in my pocket and the Air in its case and toodled over to Bodo's 29North, where I'm sitting right now happily creating this post via the iPhone's personal hotspot function, which I turned on for the very first time 15 minutes ago.

It was so easy I almost started crying when it worked.

Here's what I did:

1. Went to Settings in iPhone

2. Turned on Personal Hotspot

3. Opened up the Air

4. A window appeared on the Air screen listing Joseph's iPhone as a WiFi option

5. I clicked it and it asked for a password

6. I looked at the iPhone and there was the password

7. I entered the password into the box on the Air and five seconds later I was connected, with a new icon up top of two interlocked chain links.

Can it be that easy, I wondered?

Is that even possible?

I clicked on bookofjoe and voilà, there it was — a miracle. 

I just tested the speed and it's 3 down and 0.8 up, a bit faster than the Virgin BB2Go and a whole lot more convenient and cheaper. 

Now I can use the Air on my World Tour as opposed to the PowerBook and I must tell you I'm dancing inside as I type these words.


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Ho.Ho.Ho. You're funny. Loved the description of "FAIL!" Doesn't that speak volumes for mankind?

Posted by: Kay | Dec 10, 2012 7:11:52 PM

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