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December 11, 2012

Wireless Mobile Phone Handset

Wireless MH-main

Remember the one that plugged into your phone?

We thought that was pretty cool at the time.

This one puts paid to those and closes out the category forever, thank you very much.

Must. Have.

Can you imagine pulling this out of your bag and handing it to someone, saying "You talk to her, I can't take any more?"


Gonna be there and do that — real soon now.

From the website:


Use this retro wireless handset to talk on your phone or over Internet applications like Skype or Google Talk.

Long lasting rechargeable battery (via USB) : 6 hours talk/75 hours standby.

30-foot talk range via Bluetooth 2.4GHz.

A snap to set up.


$49 (sure, iPhone included: you want white or black? And can they throw in an iPod or two while you're here?).

Fair warning: Once this is out in the open here for the great world to see and marvel at, it might just sell out in a Podunk town yoctosecond.

Then you'll gnash your teeth and say "Jeez, I shoulda bought one when I first saw it on boj instead of saying I'll go back and buy one later."

That's why they call it "Fair warning."


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I just saw another of those stories about radiation from your cell phone. It was suggested that the plug in retro handset is a safer way to talk. Assuming there's any truth to the risk, I would wonder if the wireless version provides the same benefit. I seem to recall hearing something troubling about blue tooth headsets a while back also.

Posted by: tamra | Dec 12, 2012 2:42:34 AM

This has been around for a few years ...

Posted by: Mark | Dec 11, 2012 9:38:26 AM

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