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January 9, 2013

UK rising: Coins of the realm


Wrote Shea Bennett (@Sheamus) on Twitter: "I'm British. I've lived in the UK all my life. Had no idea you could do this with our coins. Did you?"

Apparently not as he noted his tweet featuring the coins (top) had been retweeted 2,700 times (as of six hours ago).

Well, my British homies?

What say you?

The reason stuff like this enchants me is that not only is it in and of itself fascinating but also the fact that something so interesting can exist completely unremarked for so long by so many implies an entire universe bursting with unknown wonders — if only we can figure out a way to routinely step back from our normal acceptance of the world as it is to appreciate just how much more is right there in front of us, patiently biding its time, waiting to be grasped and embraced.

[via Rattlesnake Jake]

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Silent Feet Anti-Walk Anti-Vibration Pads for Washing Machines & Dryers


Count these as one of bookofjoe's favorite things.


How many decades have I been trying to ignore loud, annoying vibrations from the laundry room as the machines do what they do?


No longer.


Yes, they seem awfully pricey for simple pads but man what a difference they make.


I bought two sets of four — for my old (early 90s) Maytag washer and dryer — and it's like going from a Yugo to a Bentley: that much of a difference in terms of noise.


Beyond wonderful.


Perfect gift for the person who has everything but peace and quiet in the laundry room.

Four for $39.95.

Full disclosure: Gray Cat (top) is less than thrilled with the end of her massage session vibration extravanzas atop the dryer.

Ah, well, at least it's still toasty.

Fair warning: Installing these by yourself in a cramped laundry room is a prescription for misery: trust me on this.

By the time I'd finally stopped trying to place the machines precisely where I wanted them — having failed to do just that but so exhausted I just didn't care anymore — I was filthy, angry, frustrated, saying bad words, sweaty, and really, really tired, besides which two of my fingers hurt a lot as a result of being crushed under one of the feet of the washing machine while I attempted to move it around just so.

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BehindTheMedspeak: Meet Vomiting Larry — Spewing Robot

From Slate:


Humans aren't the only ones getting sick this season. British researchers have created a projectile-vomiting robot that mimics the symptoms of norovirus infection, which afflicts 21 million Americans every year.

Severe vomiting and diarrhea associated with the virus send 70,000 people to the hospital annually, and the average infected person spreads the illness to seven other people. Researchers created the projectile robot to test how far the dangerous contagion spreads every time someone throws up.  

Dubbed "Vomiting Larry," the robot is filled with fluorescent liquid and water that it spews through a makeshift mouth with a pump. Using UV lighting researchers determined that Larry sent particles flying up to 10 feet forward.

The findings may help design better ways to combat the spread of norovirus. The hardy germ resists most cleaning products and infects those exposed much more easily than the flu.


[via ABC News and Richard Kashdan]

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Uncomfortable Cards


From the website:


Finally, a greeting card to get you through your most awkward moments.

This simple design helps you start the uncomfortable conversations you want to avoid but really shouldn't.

Get these cards for apologizing, for asking a favor, or for breaking the ice with someone you barely know.


Set of five: $16 CAD (Desk and Stationary — Page 7).

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As the sun sets in the northwest...

Photo copy 2

Wait a sec... living as I do in Charlottesville, Virginia, there's no way the sun can be setting in the northwest.

It rises in the east and sets in the west, all to the south in the depths of early January winter.

So what gives with the photos above and below, taken yesterday afternoon around 4:20 p.m. out my window, which faces directly north?

Photo copy

Turns out that the reflection of the sun off the glass in a window on the wall 90° to the left of the one you're looking out of appears as if it really were the sun.

I only noticed this the past couple weeks, I'm thinking as a result of the fantastic whole house upstairs/downstairs inside/outside (storms included) window cleaning by Steven Jackson's 2nd Glance Window Cleaning.

With the glass free to reflect light sans the crud of decades of accumulated whatnot, a whole new world is revealing itself.

Best $345 I spent all last year.

You can bet I'm gonna take them up on their recommendation to do it annually.

FunFact: Steven told me he has a number of individuals who have him do their entire house monthly.

Now that's intense.

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Glass Plastic Water Bottle


Better not try the drop test with this puppy.

I never tire of things that aren't what they initially appear to be.

That includes people.

$24 CAD.

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