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February 22, 2013

Baby Handprint/Footprint Stamp


We get email:

Dear bookofjoe,

My name is Eisei Yamamoto, working in Kawamura Hideo Activity Inc./Rezon from Tokyo.

It's a pleasure to write this mail to you.

Today I'm writing you because we would like to introduce & submit original order made product "OTETE & ANYO" (http://www.otetetoanyo.com/index_en) to you!

Hope you enjoy and please consider this for writing about on your site if you are interested. Thank you!

They are only original stamps in the world that engraved baby's tiny handprint or footprint in real size.

Not only using a simple stamp that can be stamped on papers and letters, but also they can be used for lifelong memorial such as birthday present, baby gift and more.


I wish I had mine.

Oh, well.


Apply within.

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