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February 26, 2013

iPad: Success or failure? (Hint: depends on what you're trying to do with it)


A most interesting article by Jean-Louis Gassée in today's Guardian took a look at the iPad's strength (access to content) and limitations (creation of content).

I just loved the graphic (top) employed to illustrate the two worlds of computer users: normal people and propellerheads.

Like it or not, normal people rule now and if you don't make stuff easy for us TechnoDolts©™® to use, all the cool code and features in the world won't save you from the Palm OS trash heap of failure.

To that end, the fact that I simply cannot create posts for bookofjoe on my iPad — which at first annoyed the heck out of me — turns out to have been a blessing in disguise.


Because it accelerated my move to bookofjoeTV and away from my blog, which is gonna be pretty much a feature rather than the main event a year from now (I prefer that to it's being a bug).

Just as I can't imagine why I'd ever buy another iPad, no matter how much thinner and faster and sharper the display, I cannot imagine confining my Internet and web presence to six regularly scheduled posts a day in words and photos when Google Glass and Apple's riposte promise live bookofjoeTV 24/7/365 anywhere, any time, for any reason, with complete interactivity from anywhere on the globe.

Life isn't regularly scheduled nor is it a series of words and photos — it's far richer and deeper and more spontaneous and interactive.

To me, the difference between the onrushing real-time world of Internet broadcasting and personal TV and today's static websites, blogs, and pages is the difference between watching a movie and leafing through a book with photos of scenes from the film.

Which would be more likely to hold your attention?

No need to answer.

My rap name — nuf sed — says it all.

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Wow, really, so, for how long have you wanted to overstep these "blog" entries past my chosen focus-space, into my space, google feets in my garden, so to speak? Your premise makes sense but makes no entreaties to your audience or potential owners of feet you've set out to trample. Just because you can, digitally or via these dull, old, analog, meatbag interfaces, doesn't mean you should. Y'know, cuz I get the idea that your Mom taught you about not being able to if you didn't ask, so, did y'all work past that into "just because you can, should you?"

Seems like the best place to ask that question, nowadays, all of our boundaries and fencelines up and so amorphous, non-legally-delineatory, all of a sudden...

Posted by: John Lewis | Feb 27, 2013 3:30:23 AM

But sometimes I love the silence of just reading.

Posted by: tamra | Feb 26, 2013 2:11:26 AM

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