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February 22, 2013

Science grrls — "The Remarkable Beatrice Tinsley"

This post courtesy of Flautist, for the second time this week given the proverbial key to the boj city and source code by causing me to post sight unseen the YouTube video link she attached to a late Tuesday night email.

I will watch it for the first time just like you.

I must say, I'm really getting to like having her do the heavy lifting and all, while I just sit back and snuggle with Gray Cat and observe the passing parade of deer and squirrels and the early birds of spring.

Beats working.

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How sad that she had to move away to Yale. Why couldn't she get that position I wonder? Small minds? Academic politics? Misogyny? And what did she conclude? Are we contracting or forever expanding. Thanks Flautist, most interesting.

Posted by: tamra | Feb 22, 2013 1:51:41 AM

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