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March 3, 2013

Pet Earthquake Emergency Evacuation Carry Bag Kit




It's not as if central Virginia lies atop the San Andreas Fault but the fact the Washington Monument is still closed after having been cracked and destabilized on August 23, 2011 by a magnitude 5.8 earthquake most definitely lingers in my mind.


What to do with Gray Cat when the ground beneath our paws and feet starts to shake?

Shove her in the carry box I use to transport her to the vet?

That's not gonna work out for the longer term.

To that end, this all-in-one go bag from Japan.

From the website:


Japan is well acquainted with disasters and emergencies, and the population knows you need to be prepared.

In recent years pet culture has also been booming, with fastidious care given to local cats and dogs.

Combining the two mentalities is this surprisingly practical Pet Earthquake Emergency Evacuation Carry Bag Kit, designed for your canine or feline friends so that no one gets left behind when you need to quickly vacate your home in an emergency.

Created with special pockets and strap to make it easy to safely carry up to two household pets (it also comes in two sizes and holds up to 11kg), there is a 14-item emergency supplies kit including water, biscuit bars, aroma oils, ID capsule, bandages, and more.

These can be shared with human and animal alike so that, heaven forbid, in the unlikely event of a major disaster you are always fully prepared.


From $349 (pets pictured not included).

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Back when we did have a cat, I figured I'd just bag her in a pillowcase and get out.

Posted by: Bubbub | Mar 4, 2013 12:54:54 PM

something to think about -


Posted by: sherlock | Mar 3, 2013 9:51:13 PM

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