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October 31, 2013

South from Alaska in an Alto Safari Condo — through Google Glass

From the YouTube caption: "The other day, while I was out looking for a store near my house that turns out to have gone out of business five or six years ago, I happened on a striking trailer hitched to a truck in the parking lot. Meet Steve and Karen, just passing through Charlottesville — all the way from Alaska."

Part 2 of my video adventure with Steve and Karen will appear here tomorrow (Friday, November 1) at 4:01 a.m. and will feature the most amazing and wonderful feature of this singular travel tool: a pushbutton roof elevation mechanism that I predict will blow your mind every bit as much as it did mine.

Bonus: Steve invited me in to take a look and I was very impressed by the sense of space: you will see for yourself in tomorrow's video that it feels much bigger inside than you can imagine it could just by looking at it from the outside.

Their Alto Safari Condo is less than a month old and they are pushing it to the max.

Want one?

email denis.messier@safaricondo.ca and mention that Steve and Karen sent you: that'll fire him up.

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