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December 09, 2013

Book Darts


From the website: "Elegant enough for great museum shops, book-friendly enough for many public library stores, often judged indispensible by students, educators, and other readers of what has lasting value. Answers the question: "How can we mark our exact passages, find them again, quickly and surely, and never harm the page?'"

125 for $13.79.

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Oops. I should've said "without leaving a mark on the page when I remove them."

Posted by: Dave Tufte | Dec 16, 2013 10:35:56 AM

Highly recommended for reference books that you'd like to mark for a long time. I have the Levenger version of these, and some have marked the same page for almost 20 years ... without a mark.

Posted by: Dave Tufte | Dec 16, 2013 10:35:16 AM

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