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December 10, 2013

"Nowhere to Run" — Martha & The Vandellas (1965)

I happened on this sensational video yesterday while searching for a song to use in an upcoming post: it blew me away.

I mean, not only is the song one of the great all-time rock anthems, perfectly capturing the ethos and feel of 1965, but it also features one of the greatest cars ever, the first Ford Mustangs — on their assembly line in Detroit!

OMG, talk about when that city ruled the world: this is that moment.

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Martha Reeves has got one tremendous voice on her. Her version of "Wild Night" is spectacular and my favorite, impossible to not dance to. Oooooo, I love everything about this song:

Posted by: Flautist | Dec 12, 2013 7:46:36 AM

great tune!.......... do you think the guys in the paint shop were really spraying paint and not wearing respirators?

Posted by: rob | Dec 12, 2013 12:07:21 AM

Not really 'rock' though, in the modern sense of rock. Soul with a pop flair sounds better to me. Snow chains were used in the percussion, which is ultracool, considering the vehicle connection.
(See the Wikipedia entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nowhere_to_Run_(song)

High school life blossomed when my good friend Brenda's parents got her a spankin' new 65 Mustang for her birthday. I spilled a Coke in it once and cried buckets, it was such a great car. So I forced her to let me wash & vacuum it and I felt human again.

Posted by: Flautist | Dec 11, 2013 6:31:52 PM

I was going to comment on the Mustang in the original post

(Yes, so very cool),

but I got caught up in a comment to a comment...

Posted by: Joe Peach | Dec 11, 2013 6:12:21 PM

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