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December 14, 2013

Stephen Colbert in the mid-80s


From celebs.answers.com: "Before he won our hearts as the ruthlessly clever host of 'The Colbert Report,' Stephen was a slightly reclusive young man who loved playing dungeons and dragons. As a student at Northwestern University, Colbert began doing improv comedy at Second City in Chicago where he made a name for himself. The comedian became a frequent contributor to 'The Daily Show' and eventually landed his own show on Comedy Central."

Colbert turns 50 next year.

[via imgur]

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Wow, I didn't recognize him but now I see that twinkle in his eyes. Thanks.

Posted by: Nancy Gillard | Dec 17, 2013 12:10:54 AM

He was so cute! Even my 13 year old was laughing out loud watching him last night. What a great mind.

Posted by: tamra | Dec 14, 2013 1:57:12 PM

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