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May 5, 2014

2013 Migration Patterns of United Van Lines' Customers


From vizual-statistix:


Each year, United Van Lines — a national moving and storage company — keeps track of where its customers are moving from and to, and publishes the results in an annual migration study. This year, they published their 37th annual study, and were nice enough to share the raw data with me.

I've mapped the results based on the percentage of movers who were moving to a particular state (inbound moves). Dark blue represents states where a high percentage of the moves are inbound, and dark red indicates a state where more people are moving away (low inbound percentage).

My home state of Oregon has the highest inbound percentage.  My wife's home state (New Jersey) has the highest outbound percentage. She still insists that New Jersey is the best, though….


[Data source: United Van Lines (Raw data provided by Melissa Sullivan of UniGroup, Inc.)]

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