May 27, 2014

Glass Petal Smoke

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"Musings from a walking smellopedia, olfactress, and scientualist. Peppered with tasty flavor and fragrance tidbits."

About the author: "Glass Petal Smoke was created out of a personal passion for things olfactive and gustatory. The back story regarding a raw material or finished product is often rich with history, myth and folklore. When all of these aspects are brought together, they tell a story of our common humanity, as expressed through the senses. Because Glass Petal Smoke is a blog, an element of cyber anthropology infuses the space in which it exists. Culture is about human nature and people who love food and fragrance are acutely aware of the connection between the senses and memory. Glass Petal Smoke appeals to readers who possess such awareness and those who aspire to it. I hope you find inspiration, joy and wonder in the pages of Glass Petal Smoke and share whatever happiness it brings you with others. Editorial queries may be sent to the editor at glasspetalsmoke [at] gmail dot com."

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