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May 6, 2014

Hermès Baseball Glove


Below, excerpts from Misty White Sidell's April 25 Daily Mail story.



Never one to shy away from high prices, Hermes has created a $14,100 baseball mitt constructed of hand-stitched gold calfskin. The glove is part of Hermès "Home run" collection, and took 25 man-hours to create in the brand’s French factory.


It comes stamped with Hermès’ signature logo on the inside of the glove — no doubt an appeal for the brand’s diehard Japanese fans, whose home country is also a huge proponent of baseball. But a glove alone would not make sense, which is why the brand has also created a matching $1,925 baseball bat to accompany it.


The bat is made of ash wood and is wrapped at the base with the same leather that comprises the mitt.

Back in 2011 the brand issued a different version of its baseball glove at $8,500.

Robert Chavez, the company's U.S. chief executive, told CBS Marketwatch that that edition sold out: "We didn't realize there were such aficionados out there," he said.


Apply $14,100.

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