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June 18, 2014

Cook's Illustrated Editor Christopher Kimball's book bucket list

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 12.22.53 PM

In an editorial in the July & August 2014 issue he wrote, "I love books but am running out of time [he's 63]. I have assembled my 'book bucket list' of 72 books (including 'Middlemarch,' which I have tried to read on three separate occasions but failed). You can find the list at CooksIllustrated.com/72books."

His list is subdivided into three sections: books never read (50); books never finished (8); "books I want to reread" (14).

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I just want Caro to write the fourth volume. I don't think this is a "spoiler" - the three published volumes of the definitive LBJ biography that comprise the life's work of Journalist Robert A. Caro end with LBJ's swearing in on Air Force One. We have nothing from Caro that covers LBJ as the president. Talk about foreshadowing!

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