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June 6, 2014

Quizlet: "Superior flash card system"


I'd never heard of Quizlet until I read Tywen Kelly's March 28 Cool Tools review (below).


Kevin Kelly (Tywen's dad) wrote, "Quizlet is used almost daily by 12 million people but you've never heard of it unless you have a high school student. It’s a cloud-based flash card app. Here's how my high school son explains it.


Quizlet is what I and all my friends use to study vocabulary or anything else we have to memorize for class. It is super easy and super fast to add a card. No paper, auto-define buttons, lots of keyboard shortcuts make the process of creating a Quizlet quick and painless. Because Quizlets are all stored in the cloud, I can access them from anywhere and not worry about losing track of them. I usually type the cards on my laptop and then review/test on my phone. I can easily share my Quizlets with friends. There's built in gamification for testing myself which makes memorizing a million words less of a daunting task. Quizlet also has a lot of other features which I haven't yet tried; to me it is mostly a practical memorization aid. The best feature of all though, is that it’s completely free!

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