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June 1, 2014

"The Writing of Stones"


On May 20 I featured Roger Caillois' book "The Writing of Stones," which I happened on at Wanderlustmind.

I added, "Read or browse the 1970 book in its entirety here."

Over the past couple weeks I've done just that.

The book was translated from the original French in 1985 by Barbara Bray, then published by the University Press of Virginia here in Charlottesville. 

The thing is, it takes forever to download even though it's just 108 pages long.

Besides which it's dense and difficult.

I had a thought: why not post the book in its entirety, serialized, two pages at a time, right here in the 4:01 a.m. slot?

Starting tomorrow I'll be doing just that for the next couple months.

The book begins with a wonderful introduction by Marguerite Yourcenar.

I figure it will be of interest to a handful of people and useful as a soporific for others.

Taken in small doses, what at first seems impenetrable begins to yield an entirely original and expansive point of view.

I especially like the old-fashioned presentation of the scanned book, seen as the actual volume itself pressed down on the glass of a copying machine, as opposed to perfect text with no hint of its original form of presentation.

As time goes on, such apparitions will become fewer and farther in between.

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